25 March 2007

Site Update

In light of some increased exposure, I've revived the site a bit. I finally spent some time upgrading the template to the new Blogger platform, and along with that, made a few additions:

Text Message Submissions

I'm really excited about this. Once you get to a computer, it's not always easy to remember what you heard, as you heard it. It is easy though to get out your cell phone, and send a text message. Add overheardina2@gmail.com to your address book in your phone and anytime you hear something funny on the street or on campus, send us a text.

Official Eavesdroppers

We're looking for more people with open ears to scout out more of the best conversations around town. If you're interested, inquire within: overheardina2@gmail.com.

Privacy Policy

I've added a privacy policy stating what we do with information submitted to us. You can read the full blurb at the right, but basically, we're not going to do anything with your personal information, if we receive it. If you'd like credit back to your site, include the address, otherwise, only first names will be posted. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, please specify as such.

We're looking forward to hearing more of the absurdity of Ann Arbor, so keep listening and sending stuff in!

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