22 January 2007


outside of angell hall:

guy 1 to guy 2: "remember that gangbang we had last night?"

what do you do?

upstairs at Zingerman's:

guy to girl:  "I'm the kind of person who does what I do."

overheard by bob.

20 January 2007

skunk nipples

Girl to friend: well, I mean, skunks do have nipples....

On the corner of Fourth and Liberty.

16 January 2007

Happy Halloween

Overheard before first discussion section for a class

Girl: Do I know you from somewhere?

Guy: uh.. maybe?

Girl: Didn't you come to my Halloween party dressed as the Pillsbury Doughboy?

Guy: No.

13 January 2007

Male or Female?

Drunk Woman: "I like gay porn!"

Woman at neighboring table, leaning over: "Male or female?"

at Conor O'Neill's.

09 January 2007

From the Outside

Near the Angell hall auditoriums looking into the Fishbowl:

Guy1: Is this the Fishbowl?
Guy2: Yeah...
Guy1: How do you get into it?

overheard by kevin.


At a doctor's office:

Woman 1: How do you spell "rarely"?
Woman 2: R-A-I-R-L-E-E...here, maybe I should fill that out.

overheard by "office dog."

06 January 2007

Happy Holidays

Guy: How was your New Year's Eve?

Girl: I went to this friend from high school's house. I mean, her parents were there but they didn't care; they just told us to keep it downstairs. Well this kid that I didn't even know goes upstairs and pukes all over just as he reaches the top. Her parents came and took everything. We hid one thing, but after that it was dumb because everyone was just throwing up.

Guy: Freshmen.