11 December 2006

Heart Palpatations

In Starbucks, on State St.:

I think my drink’s giving me heart palpatations.

06 November 2006


At the mall:

Mother to her 3 kids: “It doesn’t matter if they come from Jewland, they’re still Americans.”

overheard by philip.

08 September 2006

Watch out for those stairs

Girl on Phone: Oh my God, that party last night (Thursday) was awesome! You were WASTED!! Do you remember falling down the stairs? It was so funny!

18 August 2006

Parking Ticket

in Espresso Royale on State St.

"The cop is probably pulling him over to give him a parking ticket..."

overheard by jason.

17 August 2006

Famous Designers

at NYPD -

a freshman: "My favorite designers are Gucci, Versace and Bernoulli"

Bernoulli being the physicist/mathematician.

overheard by jason.

The (Great?) Aristotle

on the Diag -

Lyndon LaRouche activist in conversation with young student couple: Well, what is so good about Aristotle?

overheard by saint.

01 August 2006

Facebook Stalking

on the Diag

Girl #1: I hate being stalked over facebook. They're also creepy guys that I'm not interested in. They are just wasting their time and mine.
Girl #2: It can't be that bad, can it???
Girl#1: You don't understand you're not pretty like me.
(Girl #2 lowers her head dejected)

overheard by Kolby

21 July 2006

Bourgeoi Ghetto

Boy (from parking lot after fight with GF): I'm gonna slash your tires and no one will know who did it.
Girl (from 3rd floor apt): Oh yeah...well my dad's a lawyer!
Boy (still in parking lot): Oh yeah? Well my dad's a millionaire!


overheard by matt

26 June 2006


Both heard in the same night:

Orientation Student #1: Oh, look! It's one of those bugs that light up!
Orientation Student #2: You mean fireflies?

and if that isn't bad enough...

UM Swimming Camper: Whoa! They have fireflies here! I thought those're only in Virginia now!

16 June 2006

Time Off

A nicely dressed guy and girl walk past the patio at the Arena

Girl: I think it's good that we only hang out for short periods of time......don't you?


overheard by eric j.

31 May 2006

Russian saying?

Russian employee: You can't count your eggs until you put them in the pudding!
Female employee: uh-huh

-Office building off of State St.

overheard by kate.

30 May 2006

16-bit Love

Guy one: I would totally do Chun Li
Guy two: Dude... she's a fictional videogame character
Guy one: I don't care, she's smoking hot
Guy two: whatever, she's onlly 16 bit.

-also on bus to North Campus

overheard by eric.

North Campus folk

Guy one: So, how many people do you think live on North Campus?
Guy two: Oh, I wouldn't call that living.

-on the bus to North Campus

overheard by eric.

26 May 2006

State of [this] Blog

Read what will be happening with this blog from here on out.

If you know that an entry on here is not original (i.e. came from Overheard in New York), please email me.

09 April 2006


"Gretchen! Get me some flag twirling music up in this bitch!"

"Aah! That's why crippled bitches don't twirl flags."

"Aw, I see you tryin' to be cute with the fla -- oh wait now, don't hit me with it, or i'll have to cut you"

- Outside Bursley, Random Dude twirling a bright-ass yellow flag

25 February 2006

Apparently, S3 is the place to be.

Guy 1: "Hey, have you ever noticed how many chicks there are in the
Safe Sex Store?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, dude."
Guy 1: "Seriously dude, those are the girls we should be hanging out with."

-on South University.

overheard by Alyssa

17 February 2006

you were thinking it. he said it.

Girls publicizing The Vagina Monologues in the DIAG: Colorful vaginas! v-a-g-i-n-a-s! Colorful vaginas! v-a-g-i-n-a-s! Colorful vaginas!...

Dude passing by: Are u kidding me? I hate those stinky pussies.

-overheard by nicole

16 February 2006


while watching Will & Grace:

Guy 1: Dude, that guy is trying so hard to be Jeff Goldblum!
Guy 2: That is Jeff Goldblum.

overheard by becky and rohin.

08 February 2006

In South Quad, during fire alarm

Girl 1: Do you know how many of these we had last year?
Girl 2: No.
Girl 1: Like, a million.

17 January 2006

What a nerd

Girl: Oh no, my internet isn't working!
Guy 1: You might need a bigger wireless card. Maybe an external card or something.
Guy 2: You could get one of those radial antennas and sit there in class holding it up above your head like this. Ha. Haha.
Girl and Guy 1: (silent stares)

180 Dennison

13 January 2006


Guy 1: I just can't get enough of this book!
Guy 2: You know what I can't get enough of? My mom's pancakes.
Guy 1: Is your mom here?
Guy 2: Nope.

11 January 2006

How Ignorant Can They Get?

Gamer #1: Dude, I was playing this game with some Asians this morning. Asians from Asia. It was sweet because they were actually speaking asian!

~South Quad