22 April 2007

Because Kurt Russell is the Lord

at Cafe Conxion, South Quad:

guy 1: "Let's see Grindhouse."
guy 2: "What's that about?"
guy 1: "Jesus."

18 April 2007

Ah the un-hip

rendezvous cafe

Manager trying to sound hip to her worker after hearing of his job-related stress: "I feel with you"

He Told Me I Have Aids

Guy 1 (on the phone): I'm pretty sure we both have AIDS
Guy 2 (walking next to the guy on the phone): I get $1000 if I have AIDS

overheard by andrew.

see also:

Finals Time

on anthro 101 ctools chat page... it was in the midst of a bunch of people freaking out about the exam...

random dude #1 (10:16 PM EDT) is the gurung generosity question true or false?
random dude #1 (10:21 PM EDT) what is Nayar?
random dude #2 (10:26 PM EDT) the Nayar are a caste from India that have a sort of extended family orientation...it's like the opposite of a nuclear family
random dude #1 (10:28 PM EDT) thanks
guy (10:35 PM EDT) nayar
guy (10:35 PM EDT) is based on matrilineal descent as well
girl (10:37 PM EDT) why does this (name removed) kid keep leaving random words like Nayar or honor?
guy (10:40 PM EDT) toolbag...youre the one typing it into my computer
guy (10:40 PM EDT) and i tried to redeem myself last time by adding what the nayar were
girl (10:43 PM EDT) honor
guy (10:44 PM EDT) we're not friends anymore
guy (10:44 PM EDT) you can make your own study guide
random girl (10:49 PM EDT) ok, anyone know whats important for 'World System' or the African Slave trade?
random girl (10:49 PM EDT) i don't remember him talking much about that

overheard (online) by anonymous.

15 April 2007

That Sucks

at a table, at the Jug:

Girl to guy: "Well, the jokes on you because I have syphilis."
Guy: ...
Rest of Table: [laughter]

10 April 2007

East Quad Special Edition

East Quad's cafeteria is a gold mine. Then again, East Quad is in general. All of these were heard in a matter of 15 minutes:

Guy: "Something was very shady about my parents' engagement....so I've convinced myself my mom's a lesbian."


Girl: "Is there some other TV show on tonight that we can have a study session to?"


Girl 1: "I have to do a debate about gay marriage and was assigned against gay marriage. Like, how do you argue that?"
Girl 2: "Use the Bible shit."
Girl 1: "I don't know the Bible."


Guy: "See? Exercise makes you shorter, Paul. Don't do it."

02 April 2007

01 April 2007

Why We Exist

on State St.

frat guy to sorority girl: "People like you are why sites like Overheard in Ann Arbor exist."

not overheard.

31 March 2007

o rly?

Crazy man at the bus stop in front of the Union: "I'm a nazi for sex,
ya fuckin' sluts."

overheard by gen & chantel.

25 March 2007

Site Update

In light of some increased exposure, I've revived the site a bit. I finally spent some time upgrading the template to the new Blogger platform, and along with that, made a few additions:

Text Message Submissions

I'm really excited about this. Once you get to a computer, it's not always easy to remember what you heard, as you heard it. It is easy though to get out your cell phone, and send a text message. Add overheardina2@gmail.com to your address book in your phone and anytime you hear something funny on the street or on campus, send us a text.

Official Eavesdroppers

We're looking for more people with open ears to scout out more of the best conversations around town. If you're interested, inquire within: overheardina2@gmail.com.

Privacy Policy

I've added a privacy policy stating what we do with information submitted to us. You can read the full blurb at the right, but basically, we're not going to do anything with your personal information, if we receive it. If you'd like credit back to your site, include the address, otherwise, only first names will be posted. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, please specify as such.

We're looking forward to hearing more of the absurdity of Ann Arbor, so keep listening and sending stuff in!

More on Overheard Everywhere

Overheard Everywhere has pulled another entry from us.

Kristina, one of the moderators for the site, emailed me yesterday noting that they'll continue to peruse this site for entertaining quotes.

I'll post a short entry each time one is added. Otherwise, you can find a running archive of all that have been featured via the link on the right under As Seen On > Overheard Everywhere.

Excuse Me Sir, Where's My Coach?

at the Pita Kabob Grill:

girl 1:  . . . so i've just been skating on my own now.
girl 2:  oh, do you have a coach?
girl 1: like the purse?
girl 2: no . . .

overheard by rachel.

They're All Overpriced Anyway

First day of the semester:

Professor: "So the course pack can be purchased at Excel, you know that one on... that street, in the small building across from the bigger building."
Class: [awkward silence]
Professor: And the books are all on sale at Shaman Drum, you know, the one on... that street... between the... one place... and the other one... and across from that one thing...
Class: [wild laughter]

overheard by whitney.

The Cat's Out

at the Grad library.

American Supervisor: "You should get Lisa to come explain that to you.'"

Swedish Supervisor: "I guess so, the cat is already half out of the bag!"

overheard by a whitney.

Hot for The Ramones

In Encore Records - two female U of M students in the "R" section of the used CD's.

Female 1: "The Ramones?!? I've never really listened to them. Are they any good?"
Female 2: "Oh yeah, I listen to them all the time when I'm using my vibrator!"

At this point they notice me standing behind them.

overheard by chris.

24 March 2007

Give Him Nice Girl

At the hospital:

Russian woman talking about her alleged gay coworker: I think someone need to teach him lesson. Give him nice girl for one night, and then he change his mind and start liking other things.

overheard by angie.

23 March 2007

As Seen on Overheard Everywhere

Welcome Overheard Everywhere readers!

This morning, I got an email from Morgan Friedman, the guy behind Overheard in New York, and co-author of Overheard in New York (the book), alerting me that a quote from this site would be published on Overheard Everywhere - a blog that aggregates quotes from other Overheard blogs.

From: (Morgan Friedman)
Subject: Your Overheard Everywhere quote
will be published today

Hi ,

The quote you submitted to Overheard Everywhere
will be published today. Look for it on the site!

Thanks for eavesdropping! Let me know if you
overhear anything else funny, or if you have
any questions.

Morgan (and the rest of Team Overheard)

The quote they chose (I didn't actually submit it - one of their scouts must have found it) was published just moments ago (original post: "skunk nipples"). Thanks, Morgan and the rest of the Overheard crew!

Again, keep your ears open, and keep the submissions coming!

15 March 2007

You Drive Better

Outside Mason Hall:

"Oh yeah, we were just talking about that yesterday: how you drive better when you're fucked up."

overheard by mike.

10 March 2007

Steppin' It Down a Notch

On S. University.

Frat Boy 1: I think I'm going to start doing cocaine instead of marijuana. . .I need to step it down a notch.

Frat Boy 2: Uh. . .how is that stepping it down, exactly?

Frat Boy 1: I dunno, I just think cocaine is more practical.

overheard by amy.

02 March 2007

Emily's Gettin' Laid

3 girls walking out of fraternity house late at night.

Girl #1: "Well, if someone's gonna get laid tonight, I guess it's gonna be Emily."

overheard by aaron.

Throw It Out The Window

Girl on cell phone on diag: "Just throw it out the window, Mom, just throw it out the window."

overheard by aaron.

18 February 2007

Meijer Dinners

at Grand Traverse Pie Co.

Man to woman: "I guess when the White House decides to have something
for a state dinner, they stick to the program. They don't just run down
to Meijer."

overheard by Devon.

22 January 2007


outside of angell hall:

guy 1 to guy 2: "remember that gangbang we had last night?"

what do you do?

upstairs at Zingerman's:

guy to girl:  "I'm the kind of person who does what I do."

overheard by bob.

20 January 2007

skunk nipples

Girl to friend: well, I mean, skunks do have nipples....

On the corner of Fourth and Liberty.

16 January 2007

Happy Halloween

Overheard before first discussion section for a class

Girl: Do I know you from somewhere?

Guy: uh.. maybe?

Girl: Didn't you come to my Halloween party dressed as the Pillsbury Doughboy?

Guy: No.

13 January 2007

Male or Female?

Drunk Woman: "I like gay porn!"

Woman at neighboring table, leaning over: "Male or female?"

at Conor O'Neill's.

09 January 2007

From the Outside

Near the Angell hall auditoriums looking into the Fishbowl:

Guy1: Is this the Fishbowl?
Guy2: Yeah...
Guy1: How do you get into it?

overheard by kevin.


At a doctor's office:

Woman 1: How do you spell "rarely"?
Woman 2: R-A-I-R-L-E-E...here, maybe I should fill that out.

overheard by "office dog."

06 January 2007

Happy Holidays

Guy: How was your New Year's Eve?

Girl: I went to this friend from high school's house. I mean, her parents were there but they didn't care; they just told us to keep it downstairs. Well this kid that I didn't even know goes upstairs and pukes all over just as he reaches the top. Her parents came and took everything. We hid one thing, but after that it was dumb because everyone was just throwing up.

Guy: Freshmen.