20 December 2005

Tig Ol' Bitties

Random Football Player: Man, so me and Stevie J went to this girls room - man she had some biiiig ass titties! Started foolin around with her right there... so I just wanted to see how far she would let me go, and we ended up tying her up to the futon by her scarf. She reached over and tried to grab my cell phone, and BAM, whap-whap, her titties fell out of her shirt and smacked her in the face.

- Bursley/Baits Bus, as always.

13 December 2005

I don't think that means what you think it means

Guy : Dude, give me the damn package... ohh sweet its my free condom!
Girl: Haha, what the hell are you gonna do with a Magnum?
Guy : I'll cut that bitch in half and use it twice.

- Bursley Hall, outside the mailboxes

11 December 2005

Doesn't know his nouns

Guy: Dude, guys, I was studying with this one chick today and she actually used the word lexicon in context. I was like, "Oh my God! I know that adverb!"

~South Quad

In the UGLi

Chick with HEAVY East Coast lispy accent: “I bought a membership to Bally’s because I got tired of walking to the CCRB. Now I can just drive in my car to go work out.”

overheard by brandon

07 December 2005

90% Water

Guy 1: Dude, you didn't have to pee in the bottle.
Guy 2: Yes I did man, it was necessary
Guy 1: You could've made it to the bathroom.
Guy 2: I couldn't because of all the duct tape, remember?

- Bursley/Baits Bus

05 December 2005

in the UGLi

Girl 1: The African American Barbie had green and blue eyes.
Girl 2: Isn't that like genetically impossible?
Girl 1: Yeah! That's what I'm saying.

overheard by kevin.

in Urban Outfitters

girls looking at underwear:
Sorostitute #1: "These make you look really skinny."
Sorostitute #2: "Oh, like when you're naked?"

overheard by amanda.

04 December 2005


Girl 1: There are a lot of words that I don't know.
Girl 2: Yeah, me too. That's why I don't read...too much vocabulary.

Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

01 December 2005

in the Frieze Building

Girl 1: "We're going to France over break!"
Girl 2: "Oh! You're such a bitch!"
Girl 1: "I know. I am a bitch."