28 November 2005

Med. Engineering Group Project

I'm going to have a trachea fetish after this project. Hey, you. You have a nice trachea there.

~Basement of the UGLi

27 November 2005

'tis the season @ Starbucks

girl: "what the HELL is Egg Nog?"

overheard by eston.

22 November 2005

on litter

girl: whoa, i thought that was an animal but it was just garbage.

16 November 2005


"Yeah, but I never plan on selling out or anything. I see myself more of a Ben Folds or something."

~Man on Cell Phone in Diag
--Overheard by Abe

13 November 2005


Girl: This is REALLY good wine…. It’s from Napa Valley!

Guy: let me try it.. it tastes kinda fruity.

Girl: Well there was orange pop in here before the wine.

10 November 2005


Girl 1: Yeah, I think my mom has called me every single day for the past month or so. Starting to get annoying.
Girl 2: Haha yeah, that's why I don't have parents.
Girl 1: .....


Girl 1: Wow, do you think the leather on this couch is real or fake?
Girl 2: It looks real, although they probably dyed it blue...
Girl 1: Yeah, they probably did. I've never heard of blue cows.

-Michigan Union, 1st Floor

09 November 2005

briarwood mall

guy 1: there's express men.
guy 2: is that the gay store you were telling me about?
two men walk out of store pushing a stroller together
guy 1: yes, yes it is.

08 November 2005

at Pizza House

"...Man, I'm gonna have to shit so much after [this]!"

overheard by alexander.

I don't ride the Bursley-Baits without protection

Guy 1: Oh man, give it up for bus surfing. Honestly, could this be any more uncomfortable?
Guy 2: Dude, riding the bus is like awkward sex.
Girl 1: Exaaaactly

on turning 21

Girl 1: pretty much everyone pukes when they turn 21
Girl 2: yeah, i'm not one of those people
Gilr 1: yeah, you're gonna throw up

Boring Biology Lecture

Professor: Wow, I thought you people in the back always slept.
Girl in back: We sleep but we know our shit.

07 November 2005

at Big Ten Burrito

girl [talking about a burrito]: "Doesn't it look like she's eating a fetus?"

02 November 2005

As least she doesn't have to listen to you...

Sorority girl: So he totally dumped me and his pledge brother asked me to their date party. But he’s taking a deaf girl! How's she gonna dance!? She's gonna look like a dumb ass.
Boy: She should just lay down on the floor and have sex.

-8th floor Thronson, South Quad

Overheard by katie

in Hatcher Grad Library

big frat-boy talking to a girl: "Oh, I'm totally obsessed with girls' facial hair!"

overheard by eston.

01 November 2005


Janitor #1: Hey man! Did you see them Playboy Bunnies that just walked in?
Janitor #2: Yeah, man. I saw both of 'em. I was about to go set some carrots, y'know, and bring 'em over to me.

-Food court in the Union