18 August 2006

Parking Ticket

in Espresso Royale on State St.

"The cop is probably pulling him over to give him a parking ticket..."

overheard by jason.

17 August 2006

Famous Designers

at NYPD -

a freshman: "My favorite designers are Gucci, Versace and Bernoulli"

Bernoulli being the physicist/mathematician.

overheard by jason.

The (Great?) Aristotle

on the Diag -

Lyndon LaRouche activist in conversation with young student couple: Well, what is so good about Aristotle?

overheard by saint.

01 August 2006

Facebook Stalking

on the Diag

Girl #1: I hate being stalked over facebook. They're also creepy guys that I'm not interested in. They are just wasting their time and mine.
Girl #2: It can't be that bad, can it???
Girl#1: You don't understand you're not pretty like me.
(Girl #2 lowers her head dejected)

overheard by Kolby