17 January 2006

What a nerd

Girl: Oh no, my internet isn't working!
Guy 1: You might need a bigger wireless card. Maybe an external card or something.
Guy 2: You could get one of those radial antennas and sit there in class holding it up above your head like this. Ha. Haha.
Girl and Guy 1: (silent stares)

180 Dennison

13 January 2006


Guy 1: I just can't get enough of this book!
Guy 2: You know what I can't get enough of? My mom's pancakes.
Guy 1: Is your mom here?
Guy 2: Nope.

11 January 2006

How Ignorant Can They Get?

Gamer #1: Dude, I was playing this game with some Asians this morning. Asians from Asia. It was sweet because they were actually speaking asian!

~South Quad