22 April 2007

Because Kurt Russell is the Lord

at Cafe Conxion, South Quad:

guy 1: "Let's see Grindhouse."
guy 2: "What's that about?"
guy 1: "Jesus."

18 April 2007

Ah the un-hip

rendezvous cafe

Manager trying to sound hip to her worker after hearing of his job-related stress: "I feel with you"

He Told Me I Have Aids

Guy 1 (on the phone): I'm pretty sure we both have AIDS
Guy 2 (walking next to the guy on the phone): I get $1000 if I have AIDS

overheard by andrew.

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Finals Time

on anthro 101 ctools chat page... it was in the midst of a bunch of people freaking out about the exam...

random dude #1 (10:16 PM EDT) is the gurung generosity question true or false?
random dude #1 (10:21 PM EDT) what is Nayar?
random dude #2 (10:26 PM EDT) the Nayar are a caste from India that have a sort of extended family orientation...it's like the opposite of a nuclear family
random dude #1 (10:28 PM EDT) thanks
guy (10:35 PM EDT) nayar
guy (10:35 PM EDT) is based on matrilineal descent as well
girl (10:37 PM EDT) why does this (name removed) kid keep leaving random words like Nayar or honor?
guy (10:40 PM EDT) toolbag...youre the one typing it into my computer
guy (10:40 PM EDT) and i tried to redeem myself last time by adding what the nayar were
girl (10:43 PM EDT) honor
guy (10:44 PM EDT) we're not friends anymore
guy (10:44 PM EDT) you can make your own study guide
random girl (10:49 PM EDT) ok, anyone know whats important for 'World System' or the African Slave trade?
random girl (10:49 PM EDT) i don't remember him talking much about that

overheard (online) by anonymous.

15 April 2007

That Sucks

at a table, at the Jug:

Girl to guy: "Well, the jokes on you because I have syphilis."
Guy: ...
Rest of Table: [laughter]

10 April 2007

East Quad Special Edition

East Quad's cafeteria is a gold mine. Then again, East Quad is in general. All of these were heard in a matter of 15 minutes:

Guy: "Something was very shady about my parents' engagement....so I've convinced myself my mom's a lesbian."


Girl: "Is there some other TV show on tonight that we can have a study session to?"


Girl 1: "I have to do a debate about gay marriage and was assigned against gay marriage. Like, how do you argue that?"
Girl 2: "Use the Bible shit."
Girl 1: "I don't know the Bible."


Guy: "See? Exercise makes you shorter, Paul. Don't do it."

02 April 2007

01 April 2007

Why We Exist

on State St.

frat guy to sorority girl: "People like you are why sites like Overheard in Ann Arbor exist."

not overheard.