31 October 2005

you might have a problem if you have to be told through math...

Girl #1: You have a good tush.
Girl #2: I dunno it's so triangle.
Girl #1: What's mine?
Girl #2: Well continuing the geometric shapes., I'd say a square. Only because it's double the size of a triangle.

-8th floor drinking fountain, South quad

Overheard by nicole.

28 October 2005


Guy 1: ...And I saw used condoms in her backpack!
Guy 2: What? That's so unsanitary!

-On the Diag before Sen. John Edward's speech

26 October 2005

on the Southbound Commuter at Pierpont

girl 1: ...and then he went outside, and then he started peeing!
girl 1: He was! I don't think our relationship is off to a good start!

overheard by alyssa.

You Don't Know Me

Guy: Today I was trying to change the tracks on my iTunes through my jeans. So I was sittin' there...y'know...press the buttons...and then I realized that it looked like I was groping myself and lots of people were watching me. And I was like: Whatever. You don't know me!

~South Quad East Elevator

make what happen?

teacher [pointing at passing U of M students, while lecturing to middle school students]: "They've got their pants up round their waists -- 'cause they're trying to make it happen!"

overheard by bluehorse.

23 October 2005

so much for being humble

in South Quad cafe:
guy: "As a pre-med and a potential doctor, I feel that..."

overheard by greg.

at Starbucks on State on Liberty

"See, those are fake logs."
"... How is that possible?"
"It's a gas fire."
"Yeah, my grandfather has one; that's the only reason I know."

overheard by eston.

umm, nerd.

guy [trying to impress a girl]: "I have a vault of stories that could fill the library of Congress!"

overheard by dana.

in Bio Lab

"Putting your [eye] contact is how you get foot-in-mouth disease!!!"

overheard by dana.


Horny Chic in S.Quad: What is with the people in this building? This is a guy's hall! Don't any of the guys here have porn? We won't judge you if it's bad - we just want some PORN!!


Dumb ass on phone: She lost her virginity to a fruit?!
-East Hoover

overheard by Ben

22 October 2005

nickles, dimes and...

Girl 1: What time is it?
Girl 2: It's quarter to 12.
Girl 1: What's that mean?

overheard by jackie.

21 October 2005

outside the Hatcher Graduate Library

"I'm on 50 milligrams of Adderall and 3 cups of caffeine."

overheard by bluehorse.

20 October 2005


with the official release of the october issue of the E3W today, i wanted to make note again that the quote featured in the advertisement there is actually from the Urban Outfitters in Manhattan, not the one on State St. and that from here on out, submissions will be screened against the New York site to make sure they are genuine.

i apologize for this egregious error, but please continue to read the site, as submissions are slowly but steadily increasing. keep your ears open...

in South Quad

"You're an ass."
"Well, yeah, but that makes you an ass's best friend. You know what that is?"
"A dildo. Damn..."

overheard by anonymous.

19 October 2005

hey, i didn't say it...

"Who ever does that ann arbor is over-rated website needs to get out more often. From what I can tell they have no social life and spend all day googling for ann arbor related material to whine about. "

overheard by Jerry @ leopold brothers.

(moderator's note: i find this particularily interesting considering the latest flurry with annarborisoverrated after that site linked to us. and yes, ann arbor may be over-rated in some regards, but it's still pretty sweet.)

in Couzens Cafeteria

girl: "Myspace? Isn't that, like, facebook for community college kids?"

overheard by dj ayuh.

18 October 2005

please read.

oooh, some (good?) publicity. Ann Arbor is Overrated, found us here, and featured us, hence the huge surge of hits we've gotten recently. one commenter noted (and subsequently made a submission) that this site is "banal." i agree, i haven't had the adequate time to put much into site design. best option: subscribe to the RSS feed and just enjoy the submissions. some are funnier than others, but if we get more submissions, we can filter for the really good ones.

got a problem? let us know.

EDIT: it has also come to my attention that there have been some quotes submitted that came directly from Overheard in New York. this should not have and will not happen again. this site is strictly for quotes from Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is Overrated is correct for having pointed out our fraudulence in this matter. i have not had the time to cross check any of these quotes with the New York version, so if you notice one that appears here that originated in New York, please let me know. i apologize to any E3W readers out there who came here for the quote that was allegedly stated to have come from Ann Arbor, but in fact did not. please still submit and enjoy the site.

on Northwood bus at Catherine and Glen

Girl 1: What's a Gin and Tonic?
Girl 2: I don't know. It sounds like a girl drink.

-overheard by Jen.

15 October 2005

professors are inherently funny, wouldn't you agree?

Inspired by the concept of these "Overheard" blogs, there's another one, semi-related, for quotes you've heard from your professors. let's be honest, a day doesn't go by in my comm 371 class where the professor doesn't say something hilarious. and usually she doens't mean for it to be funny, but isn't that how many of these quotes come about? check it out: Professor Quotes. same as with this site, click on one of the links on the sidebar on that page to submit a quote you heard.

now, surely the football game lent itself to some good quotes (see the previous post) so let's keep 'em coming...and be on the lookout for quotes from your profs too.

Elbow WHERE?

Girl: Ow! OW! OUCH! God! Your elbow is in my BOOBS!

-The Big House before Penn State game

11 October 2005

Maybe that's up against the wall or something.

Girl 1: Please, he can't possibly be blaming me for this. Had I known about all of this drama, we would've never hooked up. But you know what they say, it takes two to tango...
Girl 2: What about mambo?

- Michigan Union, Tap Room Area

10 October 2005

I hope you don't have to give up your teeth

Freshman 1:"Dude, in South Quad they have a Natty Light fairy, that leaves bottles above the doorframes of cool kids at night."
Freshman 2: "We don't have to smear blood on it or anything right?"
- Bursley Hall, 4th Bartlett

almost dead...

"With homicide, the victim is usually already dead."

overheard by srah, 10/10/05.

...natural as blonds?

Asian girl: All asians look natural as blondes.
~South Quad Cafeteria

08 October 2005


drunk guy #1: She is so ulgy!
drunk guy #2: Your GSI?
drunk guy #1: Yea, like leprosy.

-The Big House, sec 26, row 50

easy mac

"bitch, you're not coming?! But I gave you easy mac!!!"
-guy on phone, South side door of union

06 October 2005

Add Something You Heard!

If you want to contribute to this, just email me (Bill) with your email address and we'll get you added to the contributors list. If we could make this open to the public, we would, alas Blogger won't let us.

Keep 'em coming...

hungry eyes

guy: [to a girl crossing the state street] i know you're hungry, i can see it in your eyes.

05 October 2005

In My Grill?

Guy: Whoa, when did you move your books?
Other Guy: Like, just now
Guy: (shocked look)
Other Guy: Dude, I was all up in your grill

I don't think its that kinda nail... or head...

"Yea, she hit the nail on the head: gay sex in the shower. Then I left."

8th floor hallway, south quad

02 October 2005

In the MLB

guy: what are you majoring in?
other guy: cock.

ummm, what?