19 October 2005

hey, i didn't say it...

"Who ever does that ann arbor is over-rated website needs to get out more often. From what I can tell they have no social life and spend all day googling for ann arbor related material to whine about. "

overheard by Jerry @ leopold brothers.

(moderator's note: i find this particularily interesting considering the latest flurry with annarborisoverrated after that site linked to us. and yes, ann arbor may be over-rated in some regards, but it's still pretty sweet.)


Anonymous said...

Hahaaha, I thought the same thing, probably some lonely guy with 2 friends, left and right.

Anonymous said...

... Considering Todd used to post and I'm fairly certain AAiO attends, mayhaps Leopold Brother's isn't the best place to say such things.

Myself, I just make up Ann Arbor related material. No need to Google anything.