18 October 2005

please read.

oooh, some (good?) publicity. Ann Arbor is Overrated, found us here, and featured us, hence the huge surge of hits we've gotten recently. one commenter noted (and subsequently made a submission) that this site is "banal." i agree, i haven't had the adequate time to put much into site design. best option: subscribe to the RSS feed and just enjoy the submissions. some are funnier than others, but if we get more submissions, we can filter for the really good ones.

got a problem? let us know.

EDIT: it has also come to my attention that there have been some quotes submitted that came directly from Overheard in New York. this should not have and will not happen again. this site is strictly for quotes from Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is Overrated is correct for having pointed out our fraudulence in this matter. i have not had the time to cross check any of these quotes with the New York version, so if you notice one that appears here that originated in New York, please let me know. i apologize to any E3W readers out there who came here for the quote that was allegedly stated to have come from Ann Arbor, but in fact did not. please still submit and enjoy the site.

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