31 May 2006

Russian saying?

Russian employee: You can't count your eggs until you put them in the pudding!
Female employee: uh-huh

-Office building off of State St.

overheard by kate.

30 May 2006

16-bit Love

Guy one: I would totally do Chun Li
Guy two: Dude... she's a fictional videogame character
Guy one: I don't care, she's smoking hot
Guy two: whatever, she's onlly 16 bit.

-also on bus to North Campus

overheard by eric.

North Campus folk

Guy one: So, how many people do you think live on North Campus?
Guy two: Oh, I wouldn't call that living.

-on the bus to North Campus

overheard by eric.

26 May 2006

State of [this] Blog

Read what will be happening with this blog from here on out.

If you know that an entry on here is not original (i.e. came from Overheard in New York), please email me.